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We generate customer benefits through customized solutions

There is no project that is similar to another. Every project is unique, every customer has different requirements related to the automation system.

Our aim is to create solutions for our customers that are 100% tailored to their needs, ensure efficient operation of the production facilities and generate the greatest possible customer benefit.

We relieve our customers

In the course of a project it is necessary to coordinate countless trades and suppliers, who contribute to the successful implementation of the project. Here we want to relieve our customers in the field of automation technology.

We are the only engineering company that offers the entire required spectrum of electrics, hydraulic, pneumatic and software. This means, that our customers have a single point of contact for their entire automation technology during the course of their project. This saves costs and time in the coordination of suppliers.

We also support with our extensive process knowledge, consulting, installation supervision and commissioning, as well as subsequent plant support and service in case of malfunction.

We support our customers

Production downtime in case of malfunction causes high unplanned costs. We see it as our task to support our customers in such a situation quickly and without complications. Whether in the field of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics or control systems - immediate customer support in the event of a malfunction is our top priority.

Our experience helps us to identify the reasons of malfunctions. If remote support is not sufficient in the event of a malfunction, of course we will be on site at the customer's facilities within a few hours to get the production line up and running again quickly.

We convince through quality

Our comprehensive range of services represents our unique selling proposition in the automation technology market. Likewise, the decades of experience of our employees in the field of automation technology form the basis for high-quality solutions and customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to achieve the optimum in quality for our customers at reasonable costs. We can only secure a stable position in the market by convincing through this quality, for which our customers also pay.

We are the premium supplier of our customers

We see ourselves as a premium supplier of automation technology for industrial plant construction. We prove our positioning as a quality leader every day through our services.

Our solutions combine highly complex technology with simple handling, operator guidance and diagnosis. Each application is comprehensively tested with our simulation tool before delivery. Hydraulic and pneumatic components are also subjected to an intensive test run. These preparatory activities enable extremely shortened commissioning times and guarantee rapid optimization of production.

We regard innovation as a success factor

We see innovation as an essential factor not only to strengthen our own position in the market, but also as a success factor for our customers, so that they can also generate a market advantage by using our innovative solutions. We keep ourselves constantly informed about new technologies and continuously incorporate new technical findings into our engineering services.

Our organizational culture is characterized by a holistic approach to innovation. Every employee has the constant task of searching for new processes or products in his or her area of responsibility and to work towards their realization.

We work in a team

We work collegially and trustingly in a team. Open and constructive communication helps us to work together to find solutions to our tasks.

We cultivate the "open door culture", seek personal contact and use this to pass on relevant information. The basis for successful cooperation is our conduct, which is characterized by fairness, mutual respect, tolerance, reliability and trust.

By viewing our tasks from different perspectives, we identify opportunities and risks at an early stage. Thus we strengthen the position of STP-Controls GmbH together.

We promote the motivation of our employees

The success of STP-Controls GmbH is based on the skills, commitment and performance of all employees.

The key to this success is a good education of the employees. Therefore we consider active personnel development as our priority task. STP-Controls GmbH supports the education and training of employees and adapts the measures to the individual needs.

We cultivate an employee-oriented management style with fair treatment, mutual respect and appreciation of the individual. Feedback is essential for open communication with each other as well as with our suppliers and customers.

The motivation to contribute to the success of a task can vary from person to person. However, the common goal of all employees is the success of STP-Controls GmbH.

We take responsibility

Our success is based on commitment, flexibility, personal responsibility and initiative.

Everyone has the right to make mistakes from time to time. But we also consider it our duty to learn from these mistakes. Thus we use our independence also for self-correction.

We set ourselves future-oriented, smart goals. This makes us successful and brings us closer to our corporate goals. Through the personal commitment of our employees, we increase customer satisfaction and create the conditions for sustainable corporate success.


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